Friday, September 22, 2017

Hey man, while you're in stir listen to the middle of this podcast w/ Billie Flynn F-35 Test Pilot and see if you can figure why eMagin's display is such a big deal.

Dutchess County Man Who Threatened Intellectual Suicide Found After Desperate 15 Minute Search.

 "It was just a wild guess", SM ____ of Beacon, told police after being located at at a nearby reservoir. "So serious", Mr._____said, just a stupid airplane and a stupid development company," Mr.____ was reported as saying. "Look, you can go to Surplus and buy a helmet for 50 bucks. Nobody in their right mind would pay $400,00 for a frigging helmet from a frigging development company. Chips, display, I know I was a shift manager at IBM, I know the frigging difference between a chip and a display and no frigging chip ever made cost 400,000 bucks! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!" After a brief struggle with police the man was taken to North Rhinebeck Hospital for Observation.

maybe sit this one out

@Jim ... that's 6200 chips , not sure it's a big rev driver , probably less than 
$1 mil in revenue ... However , it's a great step that is sure to lead to many
more military contracts . .. then there is the commercial airline market .. the
wheels of progress turn slowly ... damed 

Get in that Penalty Box...

  • Steven
    18 hours ago
    @Jim ... again , we do not make the displays ... your figures are what the
    govt will spend on helmets , we make the display chips ... i doubt we'll get more
    than 200 per ...

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Expensive, indeed, need an economy of scale and coverage from Insurance Companies

The company released its latest pair of glasses, eSight3, last February. The glasses, which look like a visorlike headset, are rechargeable and good for eight hours on a single charge. Each houses a high-speed, high-definition camera that captures what the user is looking at. The device uses algorithms to enhance the video feed and displays the video through eSight's OLED screens in front of the user's eyes. Almost immediately, the cameras enhance the footage that beams across two screens, one in front of each eye. A 24-times zoom also helps out.

Kevin Mellot is a nice follow, SA Photonics

AFA 2017: Rockwell Collins F-35 Helmet (hot new buzzword...OLED)

AFA 2017: Rockwell Collins F-35 Helmet: Rockwell Collins provides an update on the F-35 helmet's performance and upgrades.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Kopin Guy: "No, they are blinded by OLED, their actual eyeballs literally pop out!!"

"Dammit, I told you to get a rheostat NOT a dimmer switch!"

@trashcanman its not a glow problem its a dimmer switch that needs to be manually shifted by the pilot landing at nights vs day. Bullish

I think I found Kopin's Twitter Sitter

@trashcanman Btw, the truth is the govt has sole sourced F-35 and FWS to kopin. But kopin management said nobody likes sole source. nice try Bullish

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