Friday, May 25, 2018


things are snapping into focus

This fits the scenario

This Stinger Missile Is Back (It had a crap low res IR LCD display before the new optics, now like Javelin)

a lot of folks at Session 40: we could use one more spy, informant, mole...

The enemy of my enemy is my frenemy, Intel + AMD vs NVIDIA

makes sense

Frenemy, right, when Koduri left AMD he wasn't going to Intel to sink his old company, sub-rosa, help them develop devices like Hades Canyon in order to move the VR football. Most seem to be on board with the notion that this is too big a deal to be the Lone Ranger. Hi Ho Silver

Intel and remote viewing of sports is going to be huge. Virtual ticket Lord Stanley, NBA Finals, Super Bowl, Champions League, India/Pakistan Test Match. Dare I say Royal Weddings.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Bruce Ridley did say he had worked out a Strategic Alliance with Intel

SilkyZen3 minutes ago
Well, really surprised that after the Intel presentation this didn't move much more, really strange.
At about 3:30pm PT yesterday the Intel guy opened the OLED in AR/VR session with the comment along the lines that they see OLED microdisplays as the future display engine tech for AR/VR, followed by "here is an example from our technology partner Emagin", either I misheard or Intel is going to be the production partner for Emagin.
SilkyZen12 seconds ago
the OLED AR/VR session at the SID display week..... Reply1

could this be why eMagin dropped off AMD's radar?

Session 40 :
OLEDs ; Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
Wednesday, May 23 / 03:30 PM  - 04:50 PM / Room 502B
Tariq Ali, EMagin Corporation, Hopewell Junction, NY US
Jang Hyuk Kwon, Kyung Hee University, Seoul, South Korea

40.1 - Invited Paper: Next Generation Virtual Reality Displays: Challenges and Opportunities (3:30 PM - 3:50 PM)
  • Kunjal Parikh, Jim Zhuang, Kim Pallister
    Intel Corp. Santa Clara CA US
  • Jun Jiang, Marshall Smith
    Intel Santa Clara CA US

  • High ppi compact form factor requirement is being described using micro-display as key enabler. The trade-off between FOV, size and scalability to meet price targets will be discussed. Overview of system impact using novel display design with Intel’s key technologies will be presented to give holistic view about product vision.
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Thank you silky zen and jim. And jim thanks for intervening in that dust-up with DC. Peace in the valley. No diminished capacity, just my mouth off. Countdown clock...waht the heck?

First T-90 that crosses the frontier gets a big surprise, bad trade for Vlad, 3 Million Dollar Tank for a $50k Missile

Truly Mobile XR, powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon Platform

Oculus Half Dome Prototype F8 2018 (May 2)

Display Week 2018: Facebook’s Varifocal Display Research (Half Dome)

Lurk, nice... Oculus has a variable focus display, a fixed multifocal display, and adaptive multifocal technology that allows you to see images more clearly based on eye tracking (eye tracking), so you can get a clear picture even when your eyes move. Introduced. "We have also developed a technology that makes the near image appear sharper and the background slightly blurred, creating a sense of spaciousness and a clear view of the surface of the eye that is in focus. Ouclus introduced a VR panel with a Spatial Light Modulator in a Jasper display between two eMagin OLED-based microlens displays. It captures all the video frames that are detected by both eyes. "VR technology will make the display an 'infinite canvas' that can capture realistic images of any image," Douglas Mann said.

McChrystal was serious about TALOS, still working on it. Six15 still a vendor?


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