Friday, January 19, 2018

Have Gun, Will Travel

Joint Effects Targeting Systems (JETS, eMagin Inside) will be fielded by 9/18. Article is a trifle confusing "Every artillery platoon will have one" or "every platoon". In either case it is a large program and per usual it's agility and sensor fusion allows for precision targeting from larger weapons system like Palidin bringing value and lethality...

Franken at his most eloquent. Cabin fever? Already in the Jamesons?

$EMAN Dun care about military- Its back 2 the future with AR/VR or let the busts of former employees stay standing in Hope all is Well?.

Shneider had to say the dreaded "e" word, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaha

Kopin Needham, touting their Driving Simulator as a $20-40 Mill Opp over ten years, dev until 2020 then production, never happen US Mil will use Elbit's Ironvision (eMagin Inside)

Ron! Is that you?

Let's see Kopin has 100% of Military business, 1+3=6, 6-2 = zero. I think turning over tables was the reason for Sculley's visit to the Pep Rally...

Hello Partner

eMagin Corporation Comments on Preliminary Fourth Quarter 2017 Revenues
-Company Notes Significant Increase in Backlog Entering 2018-

HOPEWELL JUNCTION, N.Y. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — January 19, 2018 — eMagin Corporation, or the “Company,” (NYSE American: EMAN) a leader in the development, design and manufacture of Active Matrix OLED microdisplays for high resolution imaging products, today announced preliminary revenues for the fourth quarter of 2017 and backlog at year end.

Preliminary revenues in the quarter are estimated to be between $6.2 million to $6.4 million, representing a 35% to 39% increase from the year ago period.  Compared to the third quarter, preliminary revenues are estimated to be up 44% to 49% from $4.3 million.  The improvement in preliminary revenues reflects both the expected pickup in military demand as well as contributions from commercial programs.   At December 31, 2017, our backlog of open orders scheduled for delivery through December 31, 2018 was $9.8 million, an increase of 53% from the backlog of $6.4 million at the end of 2016.  As of December 31, 2017, the Company had cash of $3.5 million and a revolving credit loan balance of $4.0 million, compared to cash of $2.0 million and a revolving credit loan balance of $1.1 million as of September 30, 2017.

“As expected, our sales increased, reflecting strong third quarter military business bookings and contributions from our commercial contracts,” said Andrew Sculley, President and Chief Executive Officer. “Our core military business is improving as we see the ramp-up of new programs which is driving the increase in our backlog and is expected to continue throughout 2018.  We look forward to sharing additional details of our fourth quarter results on our year end conference call in March.”

8-k Unscheduled Event


AR has inherited all the promise and hype of VR

Apple AR Glasses AR the next Big Thing

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Paul Debevec's full talk - Photoreal Digital Humans and The Promise of V...

Javelin weapon training helps Soldiers "do what we do best" in support of NATO

The Old Eye-Scrunch from Realwear/Golden-I (trying to focus with both eyes open. remember when you were bored in school and slowly drew a pencil towards the bridge of your nose?)

Did Guttag talk his way into the eMagin Suite? Looks like he spent his time digging dirt on ML...

How did ForthDD and Kopin do with their shot at a Sensor Fused Helmet? It came a cropper and now they work..Helmets that allow pilots to `see through´ jet, value for money, says engineer

Yes Dr. Fan an F-35 can cost more than a 2000 houses but that's not the point. The program was headed to delay and it's existence was in peril. Now it's not. The helmet has value. Wasn't that the theme of your talk at MIT?;postID=2999767695892617746

With all due respect, knowing that phrase always precedes a slight...

what does a eMagin-Kopin partnership look like? What does eMagin need from Kopin?

IP? Nah

Money? Makes more sense than any other metric and that's not saying much.

Marketing savvy? LOL

Tier 1 customers? Is Realwear a Tier1?

Military? Joke.

An anecdote from a $kopn investor about a public visit of eMagin CEO to a Kopin reception at CES and some moving chairs. Pretty thin reed on which to hang a tale.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

That doesn't make me wonder. I wonder why a company with a unique offering that will enable mobile AR/VR who has signed a manufacturing partnership agreement with an American Chipmaker would bother to give Fan the time of day. I say he was there to gloat period. Do not get your infatuation with Fan and his sinking ship.

another annoying microdisplay forecast but this one actually mentions the company in question and it's ...

Someone has actually heard of this

Low entry barrier and escalating number of revenue avenues are two of the most prominent attributes of the global microdisplays market, and the future seems prosperous. Currently, there are a few large and small vendors operating in the microdisplays market, focusing on new product launches, partnerships, and acquisitions to increment their customer base. For example, for head mounted wearable devices, eMagin Company recently introduced their ultra-high brightness direct patterned (DPD) full color microdisplay.

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