Saturday, February 17, 2018

Niantic Pokemon Golapalooza! Stay indoors, curtains drawn, Niantic plans 48 real-world events for Ingress across the globe

Shopify Just Showed Tim Cook its Goals in AR Shopping

Augmented reality is heating up and will get bigger and bigger. Shopping and entertainment will probably be its biggest areas of focus.

"you got it working" (following eMagin around like a hungry puppy)

Apple ARKit

Another Mort Angle...

Something Else "Ready Player One" Will Accomplish...

Spielberg's films create inescapable Social Constructs. It's impossible to think of the Normandy Invasion without scenes of the "Beach" in "Saving Private Ryan." Dinosaurs, "Jurassic Park", 16th President, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Aliens etc. Now it's Virtual Reality's turn. In the Popular Culture, from then on, everyone will expect VR Headsets to look like this:



Opioid Epidemic and Alabama Suing Purdue I AM Starting To Believe That This Really Is Mort's "Secret Plan"..VR can already help people heal — and it’s just the beginning

Friday, February 16, 2018

LUCI Virtual Reality Headsets (Ready Player 2, eMagin Ultra High Def Displays)

D.I.C.E. Europe 2016 - AMD's Roy Taylor

AMD's Roy Taylor explains how VR will change entertainment

The Close-Up - Episode 16: Roy Taylor (Full Video)

Ah, chouffe. I was speaking poetically. eMagin's display will enable the first immersive vr experiences. You're right, the HMDs in the film do look like the first Gen IIs we'll see. ..

and as resolutions go up they'll have smaller form factors as well (Moore's Law). In a few years they'll look as antiquated as Luke's HMD in the Millenium Falcon. No doubt RP1 will spur a lot of interest and, it DOES look like Immerex's LUCI & ALYX. Spielberg is a real visionary and if he was as accurate as he was on robots in A.I. we'll have the holodeck experience in about ten years. By luck or happenstance I think Vr's emergence in this (we hope) eMagin's transformative year will dovetail with the public's interest in the medium. Remember Roy Taylor and his video On the Backlot?

Does that mean Cloudminds is an affiliate of Immerex? Probably not them but AMD...

Cloudminds gots some ducats

It's a little more complex than that. The important thing is to keep your balloon inflated.

Lurker Showed Us That The Prospectus was not a mistake but an RFR. At First I Was Thinking Off with Their Heads.


Time and Reflection convinced that these guys were not up to any monkey business. A good recipe for going crazy is always assuming the worst about people. Look at Franken.

I cannot be the only that has noticed that exhortation and "Man the Barricades" rhetoric has had zero effect on this company over the years...


I dunno, Mike is the sticky at the Council of Industry's Twitter Feed. He has a vaguely young Fidel vibe about him...

Interesting, The Council of Industry in the Mid-Hudson Region is trying to save NY from the Commies in Albany by attempting to re-vitalize NY's economy. In saving it from bankruptcy (every NY Public "worker" retires rich in the Empire State) the Council of Industry is preserving the Comintern.

Even down here NY is paying for advertising for their Tech Centers. So,in short, Commies/Not Commies. It's a mixed up shook up world.

Why Manufacturing is Vital

New York State’s fiscal situation is dire. State government spending commitments continue to grow ever upward while the private sector engine that pays for it continues to sputter and stall. To ease New York’s fiscal woes we need to enact polices that will fuel the private economy – allowing it to accelerate and in the process create jobs for New Yorkers and revenue for the state.

Because the Council of Industry sounds like they may be colluding with these guys...

Do any of you beer swilling Mid-Hudson Valley types know what's going on here? The job listings for eMagin all seem to be tied to the Council of Industry. They seem to have a vested interest in these jobs.;jobs#fpstate=tldetail&htidocid=JqSK-L9zRoFU0aOgAAAAAA%3D%3D&htivrt=jobs

Hello Kopin Social Network Mafia. What Domestic US Tier 1s does Kopin Cover?, Need Help With This...Realwear?



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