Tuesday, November 21, 2017

US Approves $75 Mln Sale of Javelin Anti-Tank Missiles (eMagin displays in the Javelin's Command Launch Units) to Georgia (Apparently Georgia is increasingly worried about Florida Aggression)

kidding, can Russia's armored upped T-90 survive a Javelin? In other Defense News the Israeli's are kicking themselves for answering the phone when the Indian MOD called about Rafale's instead of Javelins. When will they learn?
Wonder if anyone is selling Javelin's on eBay? Have to look.


True? Charlie Rose/Dr. Fan Interview Pending?

On no, the Crystal Ball was upside down!

@trashcanman is right $KOPN OLED too dim $EMAN far superior

Oh no! Message Board Nostradamus!

$EMAN do not worry about dilution, nobody will invest, bankruptcy is coming instead, DEATH, you will lose it all Bearish

Thanks Jim for the heads-up...Yes eMagin Inside...Rockwell Collins’ IDVS Is Google Glass on Steroids

Monday, November 20, 2017

$20k, not kopin..Chinese National Sentenced for Illegal Buy of Military Night-Vision Goggles


Training Investments Expected to Shift to Simulations

“Because of the realness and the immersion that you get with these new technologies … [they are] increasingly more capable of training folks without having to use the actual” aircraft, tank or vehicle, he said.

Guide to Trijicon Thermals at SHOT Show: eMagin Inside

Why is it so much better? (Thermal Weapons Sights display used to be Kopin and now it's eMagin)


Guy: can I buy one and send it to my bud in China?

FBI: where are you now?

Guy: click

A few months later, I shipped out to Iraq and only used night-vision optics. Meanwhile, my thermals sat in my wall locker collecting dust.
Today, almost 12 years later, the quality of resolution in thermal optics — such as the Trijicon REAP-IR mini thermal riflescope — has improved drastically. In fact, the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) protects the clarity of the image resolution.
Although it is not uncommon for most weapon systems or optics to receive a blanket ITAR restriction, the argument could be made that the REAP-IR justifies protected status because of it.

Friday, November 17, 2017

in addition we have not had much luck with products that begin with E and end in Sight, so proceed with caution

Comrade Steve

an hour before your post some a guy started screaming about Insurance companies and the lack of coverage for eSight. I simply pointed out his seeming derangement and the fact that eSight has just finished it's clinical trials at Johns Hopkins among others.  As it's deemed a Class I medical device after clinical there are still lots hoops to jump through.  Review, results, determinations. therapeutic modalities etc then the Insurance Companies will start all over with it again. In what universe is a $10,000 device approved by "We want the business,  approve it and  buy it from us."

If you need your Dr. Phil emotions on display the yahoo bored is for you

eSight just finished their clinical trials in the States but by all means be outraged

Transferability, right

Kevin Dede
Okay. So in refining the manufacturing process and attempting to eliminate risks, do you think it makes it more transferable? To me, that's the big question, right? You're trying to line up partners to help you manufacture to volume. And over the years, you've hit a couple of spots here and there when you've gotten -- you've had to work through manufacturing issues. And I'm just wondering, do you think you're at a point where you feel you could transplant that process into someone else's fab? And if so, when you do finally solidify that arrangement, how long do you think it'll be -- it would take you to get up and running?
Andrew Sculley
Certainly, we can transfer our manufacturing. We do have some different processes, so we would need to work with the mass production partner to put the tools in that could handle that. But I don't see that as a problem. I've been in a number of OLED efforts, and this one is certainly capable of being transferred somewhere else. It's not an issue. And how long does it take to build an OLED line, as you can go out and ask some of the people who build OLED tools, and that's 12 to 18 months. That's just...
Kevin Dede
Okay. So Andrew, just as a ballpark, if you were to solidify an agreement with an outside manufacturing partner, it might not be until about the same time next year that they'd be up and running?
Andrew Sculley
Well, that's a rational statement, unless, of course, the manufacturing partner had tools that satisfy the same requirements as ours, right?

SA Photonics at ITSEC


Really? Can you elucidate? 250k Raytheon TWS Variations? How many in the last 5 years? Always selling the sizzle not the steak. Keeping it simple for their investors.


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