Friday, October 20, 2017

nit wit

$KOPN 34k nits $EMAN 4k nits, lol, aviation is about brightness, no chance Emagin used in any helmet

Damning with faint praise, all Kopin's stuff is "Entry Level"

I think Scoble will become an untouchable, he is a enthusiastic tech evangelist but tainted now. Fan jumped at the chance without knowing what was going on behind the scenes.

USS Carl Vinson conducts F-35C flight operations...(and it is a success)

PACIFIC OCEAN - The Navy’s first stealth fighter conducted flight operations Oct. 18 aboard USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) as the aircraft carrier trained off the coast of Southern California.
An F-35C Lightning II, the Navy variant of the Joint Strike Fighter, landed on and launched from Carl Vinson during day and nighttime operations, completing another step toward becoming an operationally capable aircraft.
“The training helped us to confidently land and launch an aircraft we’ve never dealt with before,” said Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Handling) 2nd Class Alexsis Labrake. “Being the first to ever do it on the Vinson was a pretty cool experience.”
The aircraft from Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 125, based in Lemoore, Calif., flew aboard as Carl Vinson conducted carrier qualifications.
“We’re supporting efforts to flight test the current helmet mounted display system,” said Lt. Cmdr. Josh Reynolds, VFA-125’s operations officer.

The oddness endures, Palmer Luckey's Defense Company..(maybe duplicating services but another guy who is on the outside looking in re Silicon Valley)

Thursday, October 19, 2017

ug, did not know that scoble had become something of a pariah the last few days. Upload has beaucoup PR problems. Dr. Fan, maybe see if you it can be deleted. No help for you guys at kopin and your brand

sorry, it was a throwaway interview to show he wasn't afraid to show his face in public.

Performed Gen III Helmet Mounted Display testing, including night, formation, aerial refueling, and approaches

Alright they sell a few. Still claiming the F-35


It's telling that Dr. Fan is very excited about Whisper Chip and down playing displays and glasses.

Scoble is not buying the whisper chip stuff, Fan repeats old saw about owning the military, FYI Amazon has some history with eMagin on this stuff, Scoble is pushing him around, in fairness Fan is doing a lot of tap dancing, DARPA, ancient history, Fan keeps saying "Keep it simple." Yeah we know that's the approach...

Niantic CEO: AR will reach full potential 'when we get the glasses'

Norwegian Air Force Pilot Tests F-35A Fighter Jet in Alaska... Prospective customer in Norway as it handled the ice just fine and pilot rapturous about the helmet now that it's squared away

the old tech (LCD) just could not handle the complexity of the Distributed Aperture System.

Speaking of which, looks like Kim Jung-Un is Kopin's new on-line spokesthing

$EMAN will get crushed by Kopin OLED dominance Bearish

South Korean Defense= Growth Market (eMagin Inside)

ABI Research, Maybe the Admiral Subscribes: Technologies in Virtual Reality

The only display solution they cover here is OLED Microdisplays. No LCOS, LCD, DLP. Interesting, I'm sure they are featuring Kopin 10X Better Super-Duper Vaporous Lightning Displays. Nah, 3 years out. Pig in a poke. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

AR Headsets with larger displays and larger eyeboxes, WaveOptics

Zero Latency! Must be 10X better Kopin OLED! (Just kidding it's eMagin, Kopin won't have any OLED displays for at least 3 years and as to military applications Kopin is a Chinese Company so no NATO member, maybe the PLA will want some someday!)

I think zuck should look into the battery life here, could have avoided that glitch...

Not a surprise

see, nanny nanny boo boo, a license AND a five year contract, the Navy better not cross Dr. Fan he'll go to Norfolk and seize a destroyer or two...

$EMAN $KOPN Kopin has a 5 year contract with US military as main supplier of displays, plus Kopin OLED 10x better than obsolete Emagin tech

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